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Uncategorized Scientists desire to address awe with thoughts-preserve a watch on

Researchers from Columbia University and the University of California, San Francisco recently isolated what’s called “anxiety cells” in the brains of mice. And then they used an algae-inspired light to control the animals’ minds. The researchers discovered the cells by sending laboratory mice through a series of anxiety-inducing trials and observing the electric signals occurring…

Uncategorized Meet the archivists saving alt news websites from deletion

Today the Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF) announced it launched a new archive, in partnership with the Internet Archive (IA), to help preserve sites which might targets for deletion by powerful third parties. The new archive, called “Threatened Outlets,” can be found on Archive-It, the preservation service created by the IA. The FPF has…

Uncategorized Google can now predict flight delays the utilization of AI

Few things are worse than waiting an hour to get through TSA for your red-eye, only to realize your flight has been delayed. Google is now using AI to give you a heads-up. Google Flights is rolling out more information on flight delays, including more information on why your departure was actually held back, and…