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ahead Assassin’s Creed Odyssey teased sooner than E3

Ubisoft has confirmed rumors that its next installment in the action stealth series Assassin’s Creed is called Odyssey and is very likely set in ancient Greece. The developer’s official Assassin’s Creed Twitter account put out a short, six-second teaser video this afternoon featuring what looks like a Spartan soldier kicking an enemy off a cliff.…

Uncategorized My maintain deepest YouTube comments

I’ve been told I’m an asshole. Talentless, a bitch–impatient, shrill, unforgiving, and bossy. I am cruel and arbitrary in my demands and expectations. If you know me, this might surprise you. That’s because you haven’t heard me in conversation with me. Even writing that sentence about how it might surprise you to find out that…

Uncategorized Surprise! Teenagers despise Facebook

Facebook, not so long ago, ruled the social media roost. Across nearly all important demographics, the Zuckerberg-led time bomb flattened the competition. Sure, it was losing teens, but many of them were just being diverted to other Facebook-owned properties, like WhatsApp and Instagram. Now, according to Pew Research, only 51 percent of teens use Facebook —…

Uncategorized A startup is the use of facial recognition to fight human trafficking

We’ve heard so many stories lately about the frankly horrifying degree to which facial recognition leads to tracking or privacy invasions. But a startup specializing in AI is instead leveraging facial recognition technology to find human trafficking victims. Marinus Analytics is a startup that licenses technology to law enforcement with the express purpose of fighting…

Uncategorized Google’s experimental Pigeon app takes the anguish out of the NYC subway

The subway system is both the best and worst thing about living in NYC. As convenient and practical as it is, it’s also prone to interminable delays, rerouting, annoying passengers/performers and general unpleasantness. Though I think we New Yorkers tend to take it for granted, there’s no question it could be better. Google’s Area 120,…

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