AC repair tech claims he/she stumbled on a missile in a server room


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There’s nothing pretty admire opening a Reddit thread and discovering yourself swept away in tale of global intrigue, government denials, and explosive quilt-ups. However this window into the lifestyles of an moderate AC repair particular person in The Czech Republic has it all. Per chance.

The mystery began when a particular person on Reddit posted the following portray and accompanying text:


I’m doing some air-condition repairs in an small trade place of work constructing. No person modified into as soon as in that server room for bigger than 2 months since the last IT guy left and it appears to be like that took the keys with him. AC gave up, stumbled on accessible are usually not any spare keys, had to interrupt in and stumbled on this. Farewell most new from a frail employee per chance?

As most sensible we can mumble, the distinctive poster (OP) saw the tool, snapped a transient pic, after which left to enlighten the authorities. In accordance to feedback made by the OP, over a length of quite loads of hours, the authorities arrived and definite the missile modified into as soon as consuming:

Update #6: 15:Sixteen CET

Upright heard from police radio. It’s miles a freaking consuming bomb, live explosive, not inert or whatever is the salubrious fucking wording for it in english (sic).

Varied Redditors were fleet to wait on name the object: labeling it a 9M14 Malyutka anti-tank missile. Curiously sufficient the Wikipedia entry for the 9M14 now contains the following entry:

However, the space thickened when a local online page, Lupa, reported Czech police spokesperson Jozef Bocan denied the incident passed off. “We characteristic out not know one thing else about this description at this 2d,” he reportedly said.

In accordance to the OP, the missile modified into as soon as moved to a defense force dangerous for detonation after the police bomb squad unit modified into as soon as unable to disarm it.

So, did a repair particular person stumble all the plot in which through a a part of unexploded ordinance – per chance a failed are trying to blow up a server room? And if that’s the case, why are the Czech police reportedly denying the incident?

We’ve reached out to the Czech police, and the OP. We’ll update this article as rapidly as we salvage extra files.

Right here’s hoping, no matter what, everyone stays marvelous and no person will get exploded. When’s the last time your organization’s plot administrator did a bomb sweep of the server room?

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