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Apple The Verge 2017 tech document card: Apple

If you only care about Apple’s products and not Apple as a corporate entity, I’m going to have to be the bearer of bad news: this year was the year it became impossible to disassociate tech products from the humans and corporate cultures from which they sprung. It was the year the tech industry’s ugly…

Apple Became once it if truth be told necessary for Apple to sluggish down historical iPhones?

Apple yesterday confirmed that a long-held and controversial conspiracy theory actually contains some truth. The company says that, starting last year, it started slowing down older iPhones with lower-capacity batteries, mainly to prevent accidental shutdowns. The news set off a wide-ranging debate about smartphone reusability and longevity. But why does Apple need to do this…

Apple Apple reportedly organising EKG reader for future Apple Witness devices

Future versions of the Apple Watch may contain an advanced form of heart-monitoring technology that would use electric signals to detect heart abnormalities, defects, and other potential indicators of cardiovascular illness, according to a report from Bloomberg. Known as electrocardiograms, or EKGs, the tests are typically performed using multiple electrodes placed directly on the skin,…