Apple’s redesigned MacBook Pro keyboard uses unique formula for repelling mud, reports iFixit


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Apple’s unique MacBook Pro keyboards are a minute quieter than those point out within the earlier iteration of the notebook computer. However the company’s silence on the mechanism’s frequent mechanical points, which Apple first acknowledged with a repair program closing month, has left many scratching their heads and wondering if the unique notebook computer’s largely unchanged keyboard is inclined to mud and crumb contamination below the hood.

Now, iFixit says it’s uncovered one thing that means that the unique MacBook Pro keyboards use a silicone membrane below every particular person key to relief grime and quite loads of unsavory particles from discovering their scheme below the keyboard and locking it up. The repair group dismantled a novel 15-traipse MacBook Pro keyboard to glimpse the unique mechanism.

It bears a outstanding resemblance to an Apple patent that went public again in March. It described quite loads of methods for keyboard get that will perhaps well per chance halt crumbs and dirt from getting below the keys and causing mechanical points. The methods describe the use of a “guard structure extending from the main cap” that will perhaps well per chance “funnel” contaminants away from the sensitive portions of the keyboard. That guard structure would possibly perhaps well per chance also very neatly be separated from the inappropriate when in an undepressed achieve and that it would possibly perhaps well per chance no longer produce contact with the inappropriate even when melancholy due to a gasket sitting in between.

The patent utility goes on to mutter that the gasket would possibly perhaps well per chance comprise of a layer of silicone that will perhaps well per chance act as a membrane. iFixit now says that’s exactly what the unique MacBook Pro keyboard includes, and that the sound of the keyboard is quieter as a side get of the silicone membrane.

We acquired’t know undoubtedly if this kind is a a hit acknowledge to the MacBook keyboard gripes we’ve been listening to about for years now, since the company moved over to its unique butterfly switch mechanism that debuted with the 2015 MacBook. But it does seem for instance that Apple is taking the topic seriously sufficient to implement a acknowledge, even though it would possibly perhaps well per chance somewhat no longer publicize the switch and admit it had an even bigger affirm on its palms.

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