Atlassian’s HipChat and Toddle to be discontinued, with Slack attempting to procure up the IP


HipChat, the put of residing of business chat app that held the throne forward of Slack changed into as soon as Slack, is being discontinued. Also being discontinued is Atlassian’s have would-be HipChat replacement, Toddle.

Records of the discontinuation comes first not from Atlassian, but as an exchange from a considerably ravishing source: Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield. In a series of tweets, Butterfield says that Slack is buying the IP to “higher give a enhance to those users who have interaction emigrate” to its platform.

Butterfield also notes that Atlassian will most likely be making a “diminutive but symbolically famous funding” — most likely a appropriate switch, provided that rumors of a Slack IPO were swirling (though Butterfield says it won’t happen this year). Getting a pre-IPO funding into Slack could pause up paying off for Atlassian higher than attempting to proceed competing.

The deal we’re asserting this day with Atlassian is rather amazing. Certainly, I tried to fit it multi functional (280 persona) tweet but I gorgeous couldn’t end it. So, I’ll lay it out in a few. But first, I wanted to thank Scott, Mike, Jay and the team: extraordinary to work with you.
— Stewart Butterfield (@stewart) July 26, 2018

There are several ingredients, all aligned spherical cementing the partnership and, most importantly, taking some spacious steps together to pressure basic enhancements within the expertise of the thousands and thousands of individuals spherical the arena who’re using our products together on day by day foundation.
— Stewart Butterfield (@stewart) July 26, 2018

Essential aspects: • Atlassian is discontinuing Hipchat/Toddle • Slack is buying the IP to higher give a enhance to those users who have interaction emigrate • We’re each working closely together to make advantageous’s as easy and painless a direction of as conceivable …
— Stewart Butterfield (@stewart) July 26, 2018

Atlassian VP of Product Administration, Joff Redfern, confirmed the news in a weblog put up, calling it the “handiest scheme forward” for its existing customers. It’s about as staunch of an example of “even as you happen to can’t beat ’em, be half of ’em” as that you just can rep; even Atlassian’s have workers will most likely be moved over to using Slack.

In step with an FAQ regarding the exchange, Toddle and HipChat’s final day will most likely be February 15th, 2019 — or a dinky worried of seven months from the date of the announcement. So even as you happen to’re a buyer on both a form of platforms, you’ve got time to resolve things out.

It doesn’t sound like any of Atlassian’s other products will most likely be affected right here; Bitbucket, Jira, etc. will persist with it, with finest the corporate’s staunch-time communications platforms being shuttered.

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