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Boosted’s unique Board Stealth is the electrical skateboard company’s fastest and most costly model. Though the $1,599 Stealth has a identical plot and aspects as Boosted’s other boards, it objects a novel yarn for tempo: 24 mph. The Stealth can take care of its excessive tempo for as a lot as 14 miles between costs, thanks to its removable prolonged-differ battery.

There are a quantity of stipulations for a huge electrical skateboard: it has with a opinion to head hasty, possess top likely stopping vitality to swerve in and out of scenarios (savor when a driver or rider cuts you off), and possess a tight battery differ if it’s undoubtedly going to be a viable replacement to other kinds of city transit savor the subway, bus, or bicycle.

The Boosted Board Stealth has tempo, differ, and a novel paint job. But is truly the most costly electrical skateboard from Boosted worth the payment?

9 Verge Rating

Good Stuff

  • The fastest (edifying) electrical skateboard
  • Assemble quality
  • App and a long way-off are huge

Imperfect Stuff

  • Boosted Boards are aloof heavy
  • It’s dear

Compared with other electrical skateboards, Boosted’s devices possess repeatedly been simple to fling and accessible to unique riders. Thankfully, this hasn’t modified with the Boosted Stealth. Inexperienced riders can aloof purchase it up and study the ropes with it honest appropriate savor every other Boosted board.

While you are happy utilizing, it is likely you’ll per chance well per chance free up the Stealth’s real tempo likely by a “Hyper” fifth utilizing mode (which is prepared to be accessed by the Bluetooth a long way-off or cell phone app). It allows you to hit the 24 mph top tempo, which is 2 mph faster than what other Boosted devices can attain.

On the other hand, overall acceleration is cranked up, and there’s less trigger-pulling required to attain greater speeds. That’s as a result of Stealth’s extra grand 2,100W motor, when in comparison with the 2,000W and 1,000W motors within the Booted Plus and Mini X, respectively.

The Boosted Stealth additionally advantages from the identical plump deck overhaul inner its flexible composite deck because the Mini and Plus. This contains vibration dampening, foam, fiberglass, and a poplar core that improves the fling on tough surfaces better than a bamboo deck. Boosted’s unique, 190mm trucks are tuned out of the field, they assuredly helped with carving at top speeds on the no longer-so-tender roads of SoHo with out a wobbling or unexpected jolts.

Aesthetically, the top likely inequity between the Stealth and Boosted’s other boards is its total lack of coloration. Boosted even made the 85mm wheels gray, staying real to the Stealth’s title. Personally, I enjoyed the orange wheels.

The Stealth is solely appropriate as heavy because the equally sized Boosted Plus, which weighs 17 kilos, whereas the smaller Mini X board weighs Sixteen.eight kilos. That makes transporting it honest appropriate as cumbersome and dead at the same time as you happen to’ve gotten to halt and purchase it up assuredly.

The Boosted Board Stealth comes preinstalled with the prolonged-differ battery, which Boosted says will score you 14 miles of shredding the streets. In accurate-world usage, I discovered this pick to be real, especially you persist with “Pro” or “Knowledgeable” modes (the third and fourth top speeds) to conserve extra vitality.

Rolling down hills and braking to bewitch the regenerative braking characteristic (which you entry by pulling the trigger on the a long way-off assist a little bit of) will allow you squeeze a little bit extra out of a plump fee. Recharging the battery fully takes an hour and Forty five minutes. Boosted does offer replacement batteries for $399 every, but swapping them out is a course of that requires eradicating and reinstalling six screws, which isn’t handy at the same time as you happen to’re on the hobble.

If conserving vitality isn’t your hiss, then bewitch “Hyper” mode. (Yes, that’s the Tesla-esque title of the Stealth’s fastest mode.) It gives 25 percent hill grade for rock climbing with that 24 mph top tempo. (Assist in mind the NYC tempo restrict for vehicles is 25 mph, so this skateboard can haul.)

Overtaking and keeping up with traffic is unassuming whereas you’ve constructed the rider self assurance by rock climbing up the diversified utilizing modes: “Eco” (Eleven mph, no rock climbing), “Newbie” (Sixteen mph, tiny hills), “Pro” (20 mph, 20 percent hill grade), “Knowledgeable” (22 mph, 25 percent hill grade), and “Hyper” (24 mph, 25 percent hill grade).

The Boosted app has additionally been up to this point to sync with the Stealth’s unique “Hyper” performance mode. Whereas you aloof can’t take care of watch over the board by the app, it is likely you’ll per chance well per chance entry valuable data savor battery lifestyles, total mileage, which mode is currently engaged, and also it is likely you’ll per chance well per chance add a digital title for your board.

The ideal quiz right here is: attain it is top to have the Stealth’s extra tempo? If it’s your first electrical skateboard, then no. Boosted makes slower but honest appropriate as fun electrical skateboards for you. On the other hand, at the same time as you happen to’re already accustomed to electrical skateboards or Boosted most ceaselessly, the Stealth is a fun hiss.

The wheels offer grippy, nearly sticky traction on paved roads. And blended with the Stealth’s faster acceleration, they compose it that it is likely you’ll per chance well per chance factor in to beat vehicles and bikes when the sunshine turns green. Don’t salvage me unsafe: the additional tempo from the Stealth is terrifyingly fun, and it has a real battery differ. Its grayed-out pretty makes it bizarre within the ocean of hypebeast electrical skateboards, especially these with orange wheels.

Going for the Mini or the Plus is a no-brainer at the same time as you happen to’re honest appropriate getting within the game and also you savor to possess one thing that aloof goes hasty — the $999 Mini X tops out at 20 mph, and the $1,399 Plus hits 22 mph — but is additionally more cost-effective. Factual be slump you position on a helmet and cease off the sidewalks, please.

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