Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot showrunner clarifies: it’s no longer a reboot, it’s a sequel


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“Reboot” has turn out to be a contentious discover. Whereas threat-averse producers are with out a sign of ending procuring for familiar movies and TV to inform help in recent kinds, with the expectation that the recent versions might maybe include a built-in fandom, the apparently never-ending wave of lackluster reboots of neatly-liked properties appears to be like to be taking a toll on followers.

And each recent reboot announcement sparks a wave of online backlash. In point of fact apt one of essentially the latest kerfuffles fervent the announcement that Midnight, Texas creator Monica Owusu-Breen was as soon as working with Joss Whedon on a brand recent version of his signature inform, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Initial experiences instructed their recent inform might maybe be a reboot, with a girl of color within the title fair.

Exact data regarding the deliberate inform was as soon as skinny as of its initial announcement, instead of a producer assertion that read, “Like our world, this might be richly diverse, and treasure the level-headed, some facets of the series might be seen as metaphors for components facing us all on the present time.”

Nonetheless after a wave of negative response to the advice that the inform shall be looping help to the Buffy personality’s starting up level — and retelling the identical experiences with diversified actors — Owusu-Breen set out an announcement via her Twitter suggesting the inform is always a sequel centered on a brand recent personality completely.

This assertion might maybe moreover fair read as a itsy-bitsy little bit of vague, nonetheless it completely does appear to earn it certain that Owusu-Breen isn’t attracted to recasting the level-headed roles, or retelling the experiences from Whedon’s series. As a replace, it heavily implies that the recent Buffy shall be a sequel series.

Within the level-headed Buffy the Vampire Slayer, protagonist Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is the Slayer, a younger girl granted supernatural strength and expertise so she can fight the evils of the area. A whole lot of the series emphasizes that there might be handiest one Slayer at a time, and that a brand recent Slayer is empowered handiest when the venerable one dies. Concerns from that system murder at remaining point out a 2nd Slayer is running round as nicely as to Buffy. Nonetheless in remaining episode of season 7, the series finale, Buffy and her chums activate the Slayer magic and distribute it to dozens of skill Slayers, developing an military of empowered ladies.

That dynamic continues at some level of the eleven-year flee of Buffy lunge-off comics, a series composed in arcs styled as Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight, Season 9, Season Ten, and so forth. Given that the comics were at the starting up licensed by Whedon, who scripted many of the Season Eight comics himself, there’s been some debate over whether they’re canonical to the series. Whereas Whedon acknowledged in an initial 2006 interview that he supposed for them to be canon, and Buffy-connected epic arcs silent need his blueprint of business’s approval, he hasn’t had noteworthy explain involvement within the comics in years, and the series’ an increasing kind of irregular delusion arcs might maybe be a noteworthy thing for any recent inform to soak up. Nonetheless they murder feature an global with somewhat a couple of Slayer-empowered ladies running round, employed in somewhat a couple of diversified initiatives.

And Whedon was as soon as extra straight occupied with the 2001-2003 comics series Fray, a miles-future employ on Buffy that contains a Slayer descendant who’d inherited Buffy’s most major weapon and her most major insist — vampires. Whedon has within the past acknowledged he has a explicit conception to come to the Fray timeline, and that he also has a epic in tips that would inform the discrepancies between Fray and the end of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Given his involvement within the inform, there’s persistently the likelihood that the recent series might maybe moreover contact on gift plans he had for the Buffy mythos.

Nonetheless whether the recent series acknowledged the comics or dismisses them, there’s completely a canonical basis within the first inform for a total series that specializes in a brand recent Slayer with out taking the level-headed ones off the table. And the likelihood of a 20-years-later replace to the series sounds exactly treasure what somewhat a couple of followers on social media demanded when the reboot news first broke. A sequel series that returns to the identical world nonetheless breaks recent ground and has its possess explicit tone and pursuits would no longer lower than include a itsy-bitsy likelihood of escaping the “This isn’t the Buffy we grew up with!” backlash.

Now it’s safe a quiz of whether it involves fruition or dies on the vine, treasure the deliberate Whedon-free 2011 Buffy film project that fell apart within the scripting stage. And if it does glance the gentle of day, it silent stays to be seen whether followers are prepared to present the recent inform a massive gamble, even if it isn’t named after or intent on changing Buffy herself.

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