Democrats introduce an election security bill that proposes paper trails and a truly grand audits


As primaries ramp up in states all over the U.S., concerns about election cybersecurity are mounting too. This week, a crew of Democratic senators presented a bill to mitigate one of the wisely-established dangers that the nation’s uneven mixture of voting machines and election systems poses.

The recent bill, identified as the Maintaining American Votes and Elections Act, proposes two essential measures. First, because no longer all digital voting systems develop a paper path, it might perchance possibly perchance require all dispute and native elections to manufacture certain their tools produces voter-verified paper ballots that will additionally be execrable-referenced. 2nd, for all federal elections without reference to , dispute and native governments might perchance well be required to behavior audits comparing digital ballots to a random series of paper ballots. The latter protection would quilt the 22 states that currently don’t require audits following elections.

“Leaving the fate of America’s democracy up to hackable election machines is like leaving your entrance door delivery, unlocked and striking up a signal that claims ‘out of city.’ It’s no longer a assign a query to of if execrable guys salvage in, it’s salubrious a assign a query to of when,” Oregon Senator Ron Wyden acknowledged in an announcement accompanying the bill.

Voting integrity is without a doubt one of Wyden’s pet disorders and the senator has pressed for his dwelling dispute of Oregon’s vote-by-mail map to be adopted nationally.

Wyden is joined by Democratic Senators Kirsten Gillibrand, Ed Markey, Jeff Merkley, Patty Murray and Elizabeth Warren on the rules. Congressman Earl Blumenauer plans to introduce a corresponding bill within the dwelling.

“All of us know that Russia hacked into American voter systems to influence our election – and each person is aware of they’ll try and manufacture it yet again,” Sen. Warren acknowledged. “Our nationwide security experts safe warned us that the nation’s election infrastructure is inclined – this bill will map stop indispensable steps to support trusty it.”

Whereas the bill isn’t a bipartisan proposal — yet, anyway — these same measures are widely supported by election security experts as wisely as the Division of Fatherland Security and a Senate Intelligence Committee document offering suggestions for securing the vote from earlier this 12 months.

The paunchy text of the bill is embedded below.

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