Dutch nationwide exam quizzes high college college students on Bitcoin math


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Cryptocurrencies indulge in discovered a ton of admirers now now not too prolonged in the past, however bet who isn’t loving them fair now — Dutch high college college students.

This year’s VWO examination – a matriculation test high college college students are required to plot end to be eligible to pursue university training in the Netherlands – featured an unorthodox theme: Bitcoin.

The college students were supplied a description for Bitcoin and the diagram the cryptocurrency is mined:

Bitcoin is a digital currency that easiest exists on-line. It exists since January 1, 2009 and may perhaps additionally be long-established to pay at on-line stores or for diverse on-line products and providers. Bitcoin is now now not issued by a central financial institution, in inequity to long-established cash. As a substitute, Bitcoin is created by letting computers work on suggestions for selected mathematical issues.

It in actual fact works like this: anybody can sprint particular tool on his or her pc to make a contribution to solving such a mathematical location. The owner of the pc that finds the map to a downside receives 25 BTC (newly mined) as a reward. Because in 2014, such a downside changed into as soon as solved every 10 minutes, 25 BTC were attach into circulation every 10 minutes.

In step with the paragraph, the college students were asked to solution five questions, which were all about mathematical issues however developed on the supplied description of Bitcoin.

The questions asked were associated to the staunch world Bitcoin, in conjunction with calculating the year by which the reward for miners will seemingly be decrease than one Bitcoin and determining the maximum amount of Bitcoins that can ever be in circulation.

Cryptocurrencies are an increasing selection of placing curiosity in the mainstream.

One of the most enviornment’s good corporations in conjunction with Fb, Nasdaq, NYSE, JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs indulge in all now now not too prolonged in the past jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon.

With the different of corporations taking curiosity in cryptocurrencies on the upward thrust, there may be an similar upward thrust in the opportunity to work and innovate in the sphere.

While the initiative may perhaps now now not be essentially the most simple segway into blockchain expertise, it is an inspiring manner to describe youthful audiences to cryptocurrencies – and an even more spirited strive at making tests “fun.”

But perchance it is the television presentations that enact a greater job at sparking the curiosity among the youthful generations, in which case, Silicon Valley is exclusively on the predicament!

You may perhaps perhaps perhaps look the examination paper right here. Need to you enact now now not discuss Dutch, you may perhaps be in a situation to learn this Redditor’s English translation right here.

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