Fb’s debacle, $100M rounds and Slack links up with Atlassian


Hey and welcome assist to Equity, TechCrunch’s enterprise capital-centered podcast where we unpack the numbers within the assist of the headlines.

This used to be one hell of a week. Happily, we had our have Connie Loizos, Matthew Lynley, and Alex Wilhelm readily on hand, along with Initialized Capital’s Alexis Ohanian to resolve over the combo.

First up we had zero preference however to keep up a correspondence about Fb. The social company’s chronicle repricing within the center of the week blotted out the news sun. It could perhaps possibly assist us within the color for one other week, too. Fb’s dive has implications for social startups and competing public companies alike. Relish, sigh, Reddit.

Exciting along, Crunchbase Files no longer too prolonged ago dropped a account digging into the upward thrust of $a hundred million and bigger rounds. From a turning point in 2013 to as of late, megarounds had been on the upward thrust. Why? When does it discontinuance? Whose fault is it in actuality? And goes public in actuality that contaminated? We worked thru every seek data from, even tagging the structure of the inventory market along the plot. (Mighty extra files right here.)

From there we took a transient pivot to a company that is identified for elevating megarounds — Slack — and its fresh IRL BFF Atlassian. Certain, the Slack-Atlassian deal dropped perfect sooner than we recorded. Our purchase is that the settlement is clever, especially in gentle of a aggressive landscape that keeps getting more difficult for Slack.

That said, all americans agreed that Slack is one hell of a trade.

And then we ran out of time. But, fortunately, we additionally worked in an commercial for Melbourne and riffed one in every of Ohanian’s fresh investments.

Thanks for comin’ spherical, and we’ll look you all in a week!

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