Fitbit’s $100 fitness tracker for teenagers is now available to rob


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Fitbit’s first fitness band designed factual for teenagers, the Fitbit Ace, is now available. The Ace, intended for teenagers eight and up, became as soon as first presented in March and is basically an adaptation of the Fitbit Alta.

The Ace tracks many of the equal actions as Fitbit’s varied units for adults, love steps, active minutes, and hours slept. This is in a position to well perchance additionally send push notifications to aid children to discover transferring if it senses a sustained duration of negate of no job. Some files, love energy burned or physique paunchy percentages, will finest be available to peer by of us, who can arrange files during the get position’s novel family accounts allotment.

Fitbit isn’t the first firm to design a fitness tracker dedicated to kids. Garmin’s Vivofit Jr, a version of its neatly-liked Vivofit wristband, became as soon as presented aid in 2016. LeapFrog additionally has the Leapband, intended for teenagers light four to seven, that is stuffed with 50 built-in games which are purported to aid kids discover transferring.

The Fitbit Ace is available on the present time in two colors, electrical blue and energy red, and it’s on sale within the US at Amazon, Absolute best Obtain, Kohl’s, Aim and for $ninety 9.95.

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