Golem CEO: Ethereum is by a ways doubtlessly the most promising blockchain platform


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Golem CEO Julian Zawistowski unprejudiced not too long ago joined us for TNW Answers session where he used to be bigger than chuffed to share his views on the firm’s selection of blockchain platform.

“Ethereum is by a ways doubtlessly the most promising platform and we cannot stare one other one that’s remotely near it,” Golem acknowledged to a ask about Ethereum’s scalability complications and whether Golem would accumulate in mind migrating from it. “Of direction we would adore to work along with the blockchain more and as soon as Ethereum scales we are able to accumulate the flexibility to acquire it in a wider formula.”

When one other participant requested about why he chose to originate Golem on top of Ethereum, he acknowledged:

Now we had been supporting and building on top of Ethereum since its very early days. If truth be told, we realized that Golem would possibly presumably be likely to be built and work on Ethereum and thanks to Ethereum.

Zawistowski also urged that he doesn’t adore the formula ICOs accumulate developed and are being performed even supposing Golem itself raised money by one. “The whole ICO mania does not help the [cryptocurrency] set of dwelling”, he acknowledged in even handed one of the important answers.

Ethereum, though lending toughen to the maximum selection of altcoins built on top of its blockchain, continues to suffer from scalability complications, that implies the platform cannot take a big selection of customers on its platform. When Cryptokitties used to be going viral, the community congestion led to a sixfold lengthen within the selection of pending transactions.

Ethereum, at the same time, has also been practising solving the scalability challenges associated to its platform. It began testing sharding abilities in February.

Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum co-founder, essentially, teased in leisurely April that the abilities shall be implemented on Ethereum’s platform rapidly.

The Ethereum foundation had also launched a grant in January this One year for projects tackling the scalability complications with its community, later extending it to security and worth as correctly.

Zawistowski is rarely any doubt a believer in Ethereum.

The Golem Mission went dwell on Ethereum’s mainnet closing month and is in general touted as even handed one of doubtlessly the most courageous projects ever built on top of its blockchain.

You may presumably presumably leer all of the AMA session with Zawistowski here.


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