Golem creator Julian Zawistowski will acknowledge all of your questions about: 1) global decentralized supercomputers, 2) blockchain financial system, and Three) more


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  • What lift out you glimpse as blockchain’s handiest consume case?
  • How does the Golem Venture make contributions to a more equal global financial system?
  • What lift out you glimpse because the most tasty blockchain projects in construction?
  • What would you grunt to folks who deem blockchain systems are untrustworthy?

Quiz all this and more to Golem’s Julian Zawistowski.

Julian is the founder and CEO of imapp and The Golem Venture, a world decentralized supercomputer. The challenge is commonly called the “Airbnb for computer systems”, letting customers rent their unused CPU/GPU cycles and receives a commission in cryptocurrency.

After a profession as a authorities protection analyst and economist running a shriek-tank, Julian wants to interchange the area for factual with abilities. He’s working on instrument projects which is prepared to blueprint us all.

Need inspiration? Investigate cross-check The Golem Venture, his writing on Medium, and apply him on Twitter.

Quiz your questions now, and don’t neglect to look at befriend for his solutions this Wednesday, Could well possibly sixteenth!

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