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Assistant LG’s 2018 TVs can cling Google Assistant built in

LG is getting ready to announce its lineup of new OLED TVs at CES this year (including a monstrous 88-inch 8K panel), and as a tide-me-over, the company has announced that its new TVs this year are getting Google Assistant. In the past, LG has shipped its TVs with a webOS-based operating system that included…

Assistant LG now has orderly audio system for Alexa or Google Assistant

LG is teasing a new LG ThinQ Speaker with built-in support for Google Assistant ahead of the big CES show in January. LG worked with Google on the so-called “premium” speaker that the company is positioning as a voice-activated interface for LG’s smart home appliances. The speaker can control countless devices from many manufacturers including…

Google The Verge 2017 tech document card: Google

The world was kind of a crappy place in 2017, especially online. Google, as a company, needs to do a better job dealing with that. Google is doing so much that it can be a little difficult for any one thing to break through as the primary narrative for the company, something to move it…