Google Compute Engine now offers VMs with as a lot as 3844GB of memory


Most continuously, you beautiful need more RAM. That’s very factual in the occasion that it is seemingly you’ll moreover be searching to bustle memory-hungry endeavor capabilities care for SAP’s HANA database or excessive-performance computing workloads. Till now, when you occur to well-known the Google Compute Engine to bustle capabilities care for that, your alternate choices topped out at 624GB of memory. Starting as of late, though, the company goes beyond that by introducing three original tiers on top of this that top out at 3844GB and 160 virtual compute cores.

These three original machine forms, dubbed ‘n1-ultramem,’ be a part of Google’s present ‘n1-megamem’ machines. Unsurprisingly, this roughly performance comes at a label. Working the “low-cease” machine with Forty cores and 938GB of RAM for a month will situation you attend beautiful over $three,221. The excessive-cease machine with 160 cores and 3844GB of RAM is yours for $12,885.1716 per month.

You would possibly perchance perchance per chance moreover quiz the hourly costs below:

With these original machines, Google now fits the cease-cease memory-optimized alternate choices on the AWS platform, though Google offers relatively more compute energy due to the a greater series of cores and newer processors.

Unsurprisingly, Google notes that the canonical exhaust case for this roughly machine is working SAP HANA. “While you’ve delayed though-provoking to the cloud because you have not any longer been ready to search out enormous ample cases to your SAP HANA implementation, desire a witness at Compute Engine,” the company writes as of late. “Now you don’t must desire your database on-premises while your apps go to cloud.”

The original ultramem machines are now available in the market in three Google Cloud regions (us-central1, us-east1 and europe-west1), with more to video display.

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