Google Force will hit one billion users this week


Google likes to keep in touch about the map it has seven merchandise with extra than one billion users. These are its flagship search service, Gmail, Chrome, Google Maps, YouTube, Android and the Google Play Retailer. Indeed, Android genuinely has extra than 2 billion users now. Later this week, we are capable of be ready to add an eighth service to this list: Google Force, the firm’s online file storage service that launched aid in 2012.

The firm made the announcement at its Google Cloud Subsequent conference in San Francisco — though somehow it doesn’t have to come to a decision to announcing that Force has already hit that billion user number, or when precisely it’ll fabricate so. “Later this week,” is about as genuine because it gets stunning now, but when that you would possibly want to to remove some fireworks to celebrate, you potentially still comprise a day or two to prepare.

It’s genuinely been a while since we final bought any updated stats about Google Force. Within the extinguish year’s Google I/O conference in May perhaps perhaps well additionally, the firm said that Force now kept 2 trillion info and that it had over 800 million day by day active users. At this year’s Google I/O, the firm didn’t provide any updated numbers for Force, probably attributable to it became as soon as still ready to contaminated the billion users number.

Over the route of the final year, Google launched a chain of alternate-focused functions for Force, including Group Drives and Force File Stream, as well to new machine studying-powered functions for all users. The firm additionally launched its new Force-centric backup and sync tool for Mac and PC final summer.

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