Google launches a stand-by myself model of Drive for companies that originate no longer desire the fleshy G Suite


For those that are a commercial and are attempting to use Google Drive, then your most efficient option unless now modified into as soon as to comprehend a fleshy G Suite subscription, even in the event you don’t desire or need gain entry to to the remainder of the firm’s productiveness tools. Initiating on the present time, even if, these companies will doubtless be in a discipline to comprehend a subscription to a standalone model of Google Drive, too.

Google says that a standalone model of Drive has been on the tip of the list of requests from skill potentialities, so it’s now giving this selection to them in the intention of this new provider (even if to be appropriate, I’m no longer obvious how grand demand there in actuality is for this product). Standalone Google Drive will near with the total standard online storage and sharing capabilities because the G Suite model.

Pricing will doubtless be based on utilization. Google will rate $8 monthly per active person and $zero.04 per GB kept in a firm’s Drive.

Google’s belief right here is totally to convert those standalone Drive users to fleshy G Suite users over time, but it absolutely’s also an acknowledgement on Google’s section that no longer every commercial is willing to switch a ways from legacy electronic mail tools and desktop-based productiveness applications delight in Be conscious and Excel correct yet (and that its online productiveness suite may well presumably maybe not be appropriate for all of those companies, too).

Drive, by the methodology, is going to hit a billion users this week, Google retains asserting. I train I delight in that they don’t are attempting to leap the gun and are in actuality anticipating that to happen as a replacement of correct announcing it now when it’s convenient. Once it does, even if, it’ll radically change the firm’s eighth product with greater than a billion users.

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