Google Maps is broken on some Huawei and Honor phones. Right here’s fix it


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Google Maps has stopped working on some Huawei and Honor phones. When folks delivery it — or spend any app that relies on Google Maps, most particularly Uber — it gifts them with the next error message: “Google Play Products and providers are updating.

It’s a peculiar miniature glitch. It’s no longer clear the strategy in which it came about, but what’s glaring is that it’s vastly inconveniencing a mode of folks, as they’re with out be conscious unable to hail rides or pull up instructions.

I’m talking from trip right here. I carry a Huawei P20 Pro, whereas my wife uses an Honor 7X. Given we don’t beget a car, we count heavily on Uber to procure around. Suffice to advise, this challenge has been moderately disruptive to us.

Happily, it’s with out complications mounted. Because it’s likely you’ll also merely delight in ask, you’ve bought to delve deep into your cellphone’s settings, similar to how John McClane crawled thru air vents in Die Laborious, but with fewer mulleted German mercenaries looking out to assassinate you. Read on to search out out resolve this worrying map.

From the major settings menu, faucet “Apps.” On some handsets, it’s going to also merely be “Apps and Notifications,” from which you’ve again bought to faucet “Apps“. Disturbing stunning? What procure they mediate that is, Farmville?

At the same time as you’re within, scroll down till you encounter Google Play Products and providers. It’s the one with the emblem that’s a jigsaw fragment illustrated in the Google Play colours.

Then faucet “Storage.” Right here, it’s essential clear the app’s cache, which it’s likely you’ll also procure by tapping “Sure cache.” Nonetheless wait, your job’s no longer completed.

Then you definately’ve bought to faucet “Situation up Home.” The closing step entails you purging all data from Google Play Products and providers, which is completed by tapping — you guessed it — “Sure all data.”

You’re completed. Performed. It is best to quiet haven’t any complications knowing the assign it’s likely you’ll also very smartly be, or ordering an Uber to purchase you up from the bar. You’re welcome.

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