How Contemporary York is prepping for the next superstorm


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This October will mark the sixth anniversary of Storm Sandy, the “superstorm” that slammed into the East Cruise and wreaked document-surroundings havoc on parts of Contemporary York and Contemporary Jersey. Six years later, metropolis planners in Contemporary York are quiet struggling with an heart-broken truth: many native weather objects roar rising sea ranges and more intense, more frequent storms within the suppose. How long will it unquestionably be earlier than one other “storm of the century” hits Contemporary York?

Robert Laga, a program manager at Contemporary York City Transit, isn’t ready to discover what one other storm appreciate Sandy does to the metropolis. He remembers the first vividly ample.

“A day or two after the storm, I went down to the Rockaways, because we were doing some work down there,” he acknowledged in a recent interview with The Verge. “And I saw boats within the center of the avenue. Then I knew how negative this storm became.”

Laga and his team obtain the daunting job of conserving Contemporary York City’s wide subway arrangement dry within the tournament of one other cataclysmic storm. In June, The Verge sent a video team to watch Laga as he showed off a few of the MTA’s most spectacular pieces of anti-storm hardware. The gear makes subway stations explore as if they’re ready for war and, in a technique, they are: in some areas the MTA is bracing for 14-foot storm surges.

Discover the video above to see how Contemporary York is making ready for the next superstorm — and whether the metropolis will likely be ready.

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