HQ Trivialities launches down below with contemporary Australian host


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Set apart down the tinnies, douse the barbecue, and snatch up your telephones, Australia. Initiating at the recent time, HQ Trivialities is now available in your ideal land.

The slump for the Australian market is named, unsurprisingly, HQ Australia, and can quiet be hosted by Unique York-based fully mostly aussie expat (and The Hollywood Reporter journalist) Lyndsey Rodrigues.

The formulation stays the same, on the opposite hand. Avid gamers have to answer to twelve questions, starting from easy to fiendishly sophisticated. Resolution all of them because it’ll be, and you prefer part of a prize pot of $600 AUD (or about $450 USD at the time of writing).

The finest distinction is realized within the snort, which is geared to an Aussie viewers. Question to be conscious extra questions on Kylie Minogue than Kylie Jenner; extra Cory Bernadi than Bernie Sanders.

Australia is actually the most smartly-liked nation to receive a HQ slump-off, and follows the US and Germany. Avid gamers attempting to decide some extra cash can tune in weekdays at 9PM AEST, beginning at the recent time.

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