HTC is launching a blockchain-powered phone


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HTC is increasing a brand fresh Android phone that might perhaps perhaps be powered by blockchain technology.

The phone, named Exodus, will characteristic a universal wallet and a built-in stable hardware enclave to enhance cryptocurrencies and decentralized choices.

HTC has roped help the creator of its digital fact headset Vive, Phil Chen, who might perhaps perhaps be to blame for all blockchain and cryptocurrency connected initiatives of HTC including Exodus.

The corporate plans to compose a local blockchain community with all exodus telephones acting as nodes to facilitate cryptocurrency trading amongst the phone users.

“Via Exodus, we are excited to be supporting underlying protocols equivalent to Bitcoin, Lightning Networks, Ethereum, Dfinity, and more,” Chen said on the integration of blockchain choices with the phone’s hardware. “We want to enhance the total blockchain ecosystem, and in the following few months we’ll be asserting many more thrilling partnerships collectively.”

Right here’s a peek of the product drawings for Exodus:

HTC Exodus blockchain phone

HTC is furthermore pondering accepting cryptocurrency as a bring collectively of price for the phone, despite the incontrovertible fact that its sign is level-headed to be decided.

It is worth noting that HTC is no longer the first to thunder a blockchain powered phone — Sirin Labs’ $1,000 blockchain perfect phone, which used to be launched final September, is slated to be launched in October this year.

However, it is yet to be seen what these telephones can offer to make stronger the abilities of cryptocurrency and DApp users over the regular perfect telephones.

Blockchain perfect telephones are touted to offer better security and particular person abilities by integrating chilly wallet storage factual into the phone, and enabling command trading of the native cryptocurrency with chums on the phone’s community, without mining prices.

But, all of these aspects is in all likelihood integrated into any average perfect phone with the wait on of machine on my own, and trading Bitcoin and diversified cryptocurrencies will incur mining prices to transfer anyway – whether on regular telephones or blockchain telephones. Privateness-oriented internet browsers and messaging apps can all be put aside in on any smartphone as effectively.

I thunder we must help for any such blockchain telephones to be on hand in the market to recognize in the occasion that they compose the abilities of getting a peek by device of the decentralized internet any better than the regular perfect telephones, nonetheless I’m no longer in particular bewitching by them.

Revealed May maybe maybe well 15, 2018 — 15:44 UTC

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