iFixit assessments how the anti-dirt membrane in fresh MacBook Educated truly works


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iFixit used to be the most most well-known to peep that Apple’s quieter, redesigned MacBook Educated keyboards featured a membrane below the keycaps, which a leaked Apple repair doc confirmed used to be to support block out unwanted dirt and particles from unfavorable the light mechanism. Now, after a extra thorough teardown and testing, it has confirmed that the fresh membrane succeeds in doing correct that.

When testing the keyboard, iFixit pumped the instrument with a favorable, powdered paint additive to survey if the fresh membranes had been merely added to lower down on the noise or within the occasion that they truly would block dirt. As seen within the picture below, the fresh membrane appears to be pretty tremendous at maintaining the paint powder away from the heart part of the mechanism. iFixit notes that in a identical take a look at, the old and membrane-less keyboard fared a ways worse. That acknowledged, the fresh keyboard level-headed did no longer present protection to against increased-grit particles, admire sand, so you seemingly obtained’t must whine your tag-fresh $6,seven-hundred MacBook Educated to the beach anytime soon.

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Half of the reason that the fresh keyboard works so effectively at blockading dirt is that, as iFixit’s later investigations possess stumbled on, the membrane is truly one stable sheet of silicone with cutouts for particular person keys, which makes it grand extra difficult for dirt to penetrate. The teardown additionally published that the keycaps are thinner than the previous mannequin, making them more easy to build up if you happen to cease must obvious out some dirt from below the keys — especially the spacebar, which used to be nearly not in all probability to build up without destroying it on the old mannequin.

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