Leaked image finds Microsoft’s contemporary Xbox controller for accessibility


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Microsoft is reportedly working on a recent Xbox controller for accessibility. The controller entails two oversized A and B pads, a d-pad, and the fashioned Xbox button and navigation controls. Windows Central reviews that the contemporary Xbox controller, designed for accessibility, is on the total unveiled at E3 next month. A image of the controller has leaked online attributable to Twitter client WalkingCat.

The leaked image presentations what appears to be like love programmable A and B pads, with a three-mild LED indicator that we first noticed on the second-generation Xbox One Elite controller leak. The controller, codenamed Mission Z, additionally appears to encompass a headphone jack and USB port. The USB port will seemingly attend accessibility customers program the controller to be used with Xbox One games and apps. Microsoft is retaining its E3 keynote on June Tenth this year, so we’ll seemingly hear more about this contemporary controller in lower than a month.

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