Listed right here are 454 pages of Facebook’s written be aware-up answers to Congress


Facebook carried out its homework. In a pair of newly uploaded letters, the 2 Senate committees that grilled Facebook founder Be aware Zuckerberg in April procure printed the social media wide’s written answers to their substantial body of questions.

Zuckerberg faced criticism for now not answering a couple of the extra intricate or controversial questions from members of Congress in the moment, but by taking part in it rep the corporate equipped two months’ worth of time to craft its answers in very most attention-grabbing legalese. Even as you’re desirous about combing thru the 454 pages worth of explanations on every little thing from accusations of conservative censorship to Cambridge Analytica, you’re going to be ready to dig into the documents, embedded below.

Facebook’s answers to questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee:

Facebook’s answers to questions from the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation:

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