Masked teen breaks into California house, asks to use the Wi-Fi


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A pair of 60-somethings in Palo Alto woke up to rather a shock on Sunday night: a masked intruder standing in their bedroom. While any option of things will have gone nasty at this level, the intruder if truth be told modified into out to be somewhat chill, as masked bandits amble, and like minded requested to use the couple’s Wi-Fi.

Clearly, the owners declined. The individual leaped off the mattress, shoving the burglar down the hallway and out the front door sooner than calling the authorities.

Minutes later, the burglar modified into arrested. No person modified into injured.

Oddly ample, this wasn’t the 17-year-extinct suspect’s first war of phrases of this kind. Palo Alto police mentioned he’d attempted one other fearless Wi-Fi theft the previous evening in a single other Palo Alto house. When the house’s resident’s confronted the individual, he “requested to use their Wi-Fi network because he modified into out of information,” in accordance with police.

The residents truly helpful him to kick rocks, and the individual rode off on a bike the couple later came all the way by had been stolen from their succor yard.

All truly helpful, the individual is now going by a pair of prices, equivalent to two counts of burglary — every felonies — as effectively as a misdemeanor count of prowling. It’s unclear whether he’ll be charged with stealing the bike.

Burglar wakes up couple to demand to use their Wi-Fi network on Ars Technica

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