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Detect, I don’t know how great time you exercise within the video game accessories aisle at your local Most attention-grabbing Resolve on. I take care of games tons, but I’m now no longer one for browsing like surround sound headsets, silicone controller skins, console carrying baggage, or any of the diversified non-valuable stuff on those shelves. But charging the batteries in my Xbox One controller in total is a trouble, so now and again I’ll desire a watch and leer whether or now no longer any individual has present you with a come that’s qualified to swapping out rechargeable AA batteries or utilizing Microsoft’s Play & Payment cable.

There are loads of stands that can build and price your gamepad controllers, but I glean them to be an eyesore. So as that’s now no longer an choice. Plus, most of them have faith a cord working out the help and require their salvage strength outlet. No thanks.

About a months within the past, I came true by Insignia’s $20 snap-on battery charging space that’s designed namely for the Xbox One S. And it’s graceful great perfect. Microsoft need to be making this thing itself. What a true system. You’d also leer that the white plastic isn’t moderately an ideal match for Microsoft’s, but that’s nitpicking moderately. And the digicam captures a bigger incompatibility than your eyes leer.

Insignia’s Xbox One S controller battery charger
Insignia’s charger makes use of the Xbox’s salvage USB strength, so there’s no gallop to trouble with.
Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

You match the charging space into the console’s USB port, after which it sits flush to the left of the optical drive. There’s moderately lock on the help that pushes into the dots on the facet of the Xbox for added security. There’s no badge on the Insignia field indicating that here’s a Microsoft-licensed accent, so I’m nearly vastly surprised at how straight it’s designed true by the One S hardware. The charger holds two battery packs at once, with lights to display price position. They’re orange when charging and white when the battery is totally topped off. Two batteries are integrated lawful within the sphere. Microsoft simplest affords you one battery with the $25 Play & Payment Equipment. It makes use of the console’s USB strength to juice up the batteries, so there’s no further strength cord to fuss with.

I in point of fact came to take care of this come whereas I had the One S. When taking half in solo, it potential that you just can repeatedly support one battery charging whereas the diversified is in your wireless controller. Maybe it’d be less handy whenever you occur to’re repeatedly utilizing two gamepads for multiplayer, but I by no come ran true into a predicament where Insignia’s charger proved inconvenient. There’s no need to tether your gamepad to the console for a recharge when there’s repeatedly a recent battery waiting.

Insignia’s Xbox One S controller battery charger Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

Plus, there’s nonetheless a USB 3 port for exterior hard drives or whatever else it is most likely you’ll maybe well like to gallop in. The battery packs price graceful hasty. Some of us appear to reveal Microsoft’s first-occasion batteries final longer, but these did the job dazzling for me.

But final month, I upgraded to the Xbox One X… and Most attention-grabbing Resolve on (which owns the Insignia designate) would no longer seem like making the the same charger for Microsoft’s extremely-highly fine console. The USB port on the X is on the lawful facet, so the most modern mannequin true won’t work. I wouldn’t suggestions the coloration mismatch if it did.

So for now I’m stuck utilizing the Play & Payment kit. To be capable to add insult to damage, it doesn’t appear to price the 0.33-occasion battery packs — simplest Microsoft’s salvage. With any luck Most attention-grabbing Resolve on decides to procure apart out an updated mannequin forward of later.

Insignia’s Xbox One S controller battery charger
There’s a artful lock on the help that slots into the dots on the Xbox’s facet.
Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

Change: Dave Ryan on Twitter identified to me that Amazon furthermore makes its salvage model of this thing. But all yet again, true for the One S to this point. Amazon’s masses the batteries on the discontinue in desire to the front, and it’s moderately more beefy in consequence. Same belief, though.

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