Nomad’s upgraded Lightning battery cable presents even extra energy


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Nomad’s long-established battery cable changed into as soon as a surprisingly honest correct thought: mix a shrimp battery into an iPhone charging cable to give you a further energy enhance on the sprint. And now, the firm is help with an updated model that improves on the distinctive in about a shrimp, but honorable ways.

The set the distinctive featured a 2350 mAh battery pack, the updated model boosts that to 2800 mAh, and swaps out the plastic battery housing with one product of extra durable aluminum.

The USB-A to Lightning cable itself is 1.5 meters (roughly 5 toes) long, and supports pass-via charging, where the cable will charge the cell phone first, and then stock up the battery as soon as the cell phone is pudgy. It expenses $Forty 9.ninety five, which is quiet moderately dear for this form of shrimp battery, but compared to shopping a further battery and iPhone cable separately, it might well maybe well even be worth it for the consolation.

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