Old YouTube exec unveils Next 10 Ventures, a $50M fund to lend a hand on-line creators


Next 10 Ventures is a original firm that’s raised $50 million to put money into original digital divulge, and likewise in original tools and services and products for the creators of that divulge.

The firm used to be based by Benjamin Grubbs, previously worldwide director of top creator partnerships at YouTube, who also serves as Next 10’s CEO. He’s joined by COO Paul Condolora, who used to be formerly co-head of the Harry Potter franchise at Warner Bros., and who used to be also accountable of digital and consumer products at Comic strip Network and Adult Swim.

Grubbs suggested me the firm’s name refers to supporting the following 10 years of a creator’s profession, and that it emerges from conversations he’d been having with winning on-line creators.

“They query, ‘How attain I desire this to the following degree?’” Grubbs said. “‘I in fact to find pleasure from what I’m doing, how attain I construct a profession out of this?’”

He added that he’s searching to work with a “diverse mix of creators” — they don’t necessarily must beget an substantial following already, but they beget to beget demonstrated that they would possibly be able to waste compelling videos and they must collected be “in fact attempting to operate a long-time-frame profession on this effect.”

It sounds cherish Next 10’s investments will likely be structured in lots of assorted ways. In some cases they’ll peek cherish a frail seed-stage startup funding. In others, the firm will fund its have services and products. And in collected others, it’ll be funding divulge and partnering with creators.

The firm says it’s centered on three gargantuan areas: video divulge and IP creation, e-commerce and neighborhood-primarily based services and products. And there will likely be a fund centered namely on creators of educational divulge.

In truth, Grubbs said one in every of the spacious opportunities is bringing more academic divulge to Asia. He said that as the younger of us in worldwide locations cherish Indonesia and the Philippines pass on-line, “training divulge is lacking on the availability aspect.”

“What we are searching to achieve is now not correct dwell wide awake for this market to grow up and graduate, but in fact … be an brisk participant,” he said. “The mission of the firm is in fact to enhance and inspire and entertain — and more or much less in that expose.”

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