Pirelli made a tire-fashioned Bluetooth speaker that isn’t if reality be told comprised of tires


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Whenever you happen to’re a vehicle fanatic then the phrases “Pirelli” and “Bluetooth speaker” will with out a doubt perk up your ears. The Italian tire manufacturer is licensing and debuting the Pirelli P Zero Sound, a Bluetooth speaker modeled after a Formulation 1 racing wheel and tire, at one 1/2 the size.

Unfortunately, the one characteristic that would extinguish this strong point speaker total is that if it were an staunch rubber racing tire. But alas, the P Zero Sound is a copy mold (that is available within the market in 9 colours) of the smaller tire F1 teams utilize for his or her aerodynamic wind tunnel testing. The speaker’s manufacturer, iXoost (pronounced enjoy “utilize”) is based completely mostly in Modena, Italy, and has a recognition for producing motorsports-themed speaker systems.

Specs-wise, the P Zero Sound measures 12.9-inches in diameter, weighs 21 pounds, has a a hundred-watt amplifier, Bluetooth four.Zero with AptX for wireless connectivity, a 100mm midwoofer, and a 25mm tweeter.

The P Zero Sound with out a doubt has ample energy to protect you entertained within the storage, but as well prices bigger than a staunch Pirelli tire: 2,400 euros, corresponding to about $2,800.

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