Quit Genius, helping smokers stop, picks up an extra $1.1 million in seed


Quit Genius, the YC-backed app that helps users stop smoking, has on the present time announced the close of an extra $1.1 million, bringing their seed round to a frigid $2 million. Village World VC, Pioneer Fund, Arab Angel VC, Max Mullen of Instacart, Olivia Teich of Dropbox, Paul Rosania of Slack, Ariel Polar of Strava, Eric Reis, David Langley of Zesty, Juha Paananen of NonStop Games, and Junaid Bajwa of Merck & Co participated in the round, among others.

Quit Genius was as soon as constructed by scientific doctors — Yusuf Sherwani (cofounder and CEO), Maroof Ahmed (cofounder and COO), and Sarim Siddiqui (cofounder and Head of Product) — who met on the first day of scientific faculty. They saw the awful outcomes of smoking on patients’ neatly being nonetheless didn’t glance scientific doctors giving these patients a obvious path to prevent smoking.

So the crew started constructing out Quit Genius, which makes exhaust of Cognitive Behavioral Remedy to interchange a user’s habits.

“CBT breaks down eventualities into three areas: your suggestions, your emotions and your behaviors,” Ahmed suggested TechCrunch in February. “What you suspect and really feel can have an influence on how you behave. CBT specializes in replacing any harmful suggestions and emotions it’s good to well presumably have that space off you to smoke, with more healthy and more obvious suggestions that can point to you the technique to prevent smoking.”

Quit Genius makes exhaust of CBT to preserve smokers thru stages of quitting, the usage of a various of diversified kinds of voice, from audio lessons to interesting videos to interactive exercises to aid of us judge in any other case about detrimental addictions.

Since launch, the firm has launched new ‘packs’ for diversified addictive behaviors similar to ingesting alcohol. Packs aren’t reasonably as comprehensive as the Quit Genius program round quitting smoking, nonetheless they blueprint provide troves of extra voice round diversified addictions.

The firm already has packs for alcohol, stress, motivation, and neatly being, giving users extra voice round the challenge they’re coping with most. Alcohol felt pure, in preserving with Ahmed, because alcohol is such a local off for loads of smokers, and concept to be a few of the points they dealt with most of their quest to prevent.

Soon, Quit Genius has plans to launch packs round being pregnant (for females who’re smoking when they became pregnant and are looking to prevent), weight administration, social rigidity to smoke, and self adore.

Since launch Quit Genius has grown to 300,000 registered users, with over 20,000 of us formally smoke-free in the app (which Quit Genius defines as having no longer smoked for over 28 days). The firm’s interior aim is to win to a hundred,000 smoke-free users by the finish of the 365 days, and must trace their growth publicly on the accumulate space.

Whereas patrons are the main focal point of the firm, there’s additionally a growing opportunity for Quit Genius to commence working with immense-title employers round neatly-being and neatly being. Healthy workers establish the firm money and are more productive, and Quit Genius thinks it will no longer ideally apt aid workers win more healthy nonetheless give employers a system to trace that growth. If truth be told, Quit Genius has already signed on a tech giant as a buyer, nonetheless wouldn’t affirm which one.

Provided that the firm was as soon as founded by scientific doctors, it comes as no surprise that the Quit Genius crew is collaborating in scientific research papers round their process. One paper, printed by JMIR mHealth, figured out that Quit Genius outperformed the NHS Smoke-free app. An upcoming paper, which is ready to be printed in the following few weeks, figured out that Quit Genius yielded a 36 p.c stop price among contributors, with a fifty 9.6 p.c cleave price in cigarettes among contributors. 

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