RED’s unusual camera will exhaust its Hydrogen One phone as a viewfinder


Let’s be true, the RED Hydrogen One is destined to be a plight product. With a “holographic insist” and a $1,200 starting up charge level, the problem wasn’t if truth be told designed with mainstream consumers in mind. An announcement of a drawing conclude camera from the firm doesn’t enact loads to change that, on the opposite hand it does shed a cramped bit extra gentle on who, precisely, the firm is targeted on here.

In a press unencumber, RED introduced a partnership with 3D camera manufacturer Lucid for an upcoming product that can make piquant exhaust of the upcoming phone. The as of but unnamed RED camera will make potentially the most of Lucid’s tech to make 8K, 3D video, the exhaust of dual 4K cameras and a beam splitter.

What’s most piquant, here, on the opposite hand, is that the camera will output that dispute to the Hydrogen One in staunch-time, in actuality letting the phone double as a viewfinder for the camera. The firm assures us that, essential worship the Hydrogen One itself, the unnamed camera is terribly essential an right product.

If truth be told, this may well also be accessible through RED and retail companions at some level during Q4 of this year — seemingly months after the phone itself arrives in August. The firm even confirmed off a preview of the product at an tournament final week.

Pricing, worship the title, is tranquil TBD. This being RED, on the opposite hand, I don’t imagine it’s going to scheme low-charge — even with the $1,200 viewfinder sold individually.

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