Sega must crowdfund a Sonic the Hedgehog toaster


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I don’t be aware ever stumbling down the steps for breakfast and pondering, “this toast could well well moreover if truth be told utilize a burned-in representation of a hedgehog on methamphetamine,” nonetheless that’s to not deliver you haven’t.

And when that you just can moreover have, you’re in noble fortune.

Sega announced this day — on the noble Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter chronicle — it could maybe well be crowdsourcing a mark new mission animated our current hedgehog. (The blue one, when that you just can moreover have a current hedgehog that’s a particular color. Within the event that you just can moreover have more than one blue hedgehog, I stop.)

The mission isn’t a sport, though; it’s a toaster. You learn that correct. No have to regulate your veil. This toaster burns the guts and edges of the bread, making it fully useless if the procedure is mostly making toast. But while you’re the usage of it to, I don’t know, galvanize a Tinder date, then it could maybe well moreover unprejudiced correct match the bill.

Within the event you’re — and truly, with this write-up, how could well well moreover you not be? — that you just can snag one for $34.ninety five.

Per Sega, 1,000 of these need to be sold prior to July 12 or they received’t safe made. And that’d be an genuine disgrace.

Sonic Toaster on Sega

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