Sony releases mysterious teaser for its next phone


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Sony is outwardly going to introduce something at Mobile World Congress next week, going off the truth that its Xperia legend tweeted a teaser video for the annual phone occasion this morning. The video presentations a hand and a bunch of ripples cascading down onto it from above. It moreover says no matter this video is hinting at will more than seemingly be presented on February 26th.

You might well mediate the tweet under:

I don’t completely secure what it’s alluding to. One thing you’ll feel? From the sky? A tangible notification? Haptic suggestions? Uh, a ripple… of air? I don’t know! It’s noteworthy to comprise sense of a purposely cryptic video. But presumably the teaser has something to perform with a new phone, since Sony most ceaselessly pronounces new Xperia smartphones at this occasion. Those telephones are presupposed to advance with a meaningful redesign this yr, so we can comprise to peaceful discover rapidly what that seems be pleased.

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