Sumo Common sense brings files analysis to containers


Sumo Common sense has long held the purpose to aid customers tag their files wherever it lives. As we high-tail into the generation of containers, that purpose becomes extra stressful on story of containers by their nature are ephemeral. The company introduced a product enhancement this day designed to instrument containerized functions despite that.

They are debuting these current capabilities at DockerCon, Docker’s customer conference taking space this week in San Francisco.

Sumo’s CEO Ramin Sayer says containers beget begun to preserve retain over the final 12-18 months with Docker and Kubernetes rising as instruments of desire. Given their recognition, Sumo desires to be in a situation to work with them. “[Docker and Kubernetes] are by a ways the most traditional issues that beget developed in any current shop, or any existing shop that desires to manufacture a new standard app or desires to scheme shut and shift an app from on prem [to the cloud], or beget the skill to migrate workloads from Dealer A platform to Dealer B,” he said.

He’s now now not disagreeable pointless to assert. Containers and Kubernetes had been taking off in a extensive methodology over the final 18 months and builders and operations alike beget struggled to instrument these apps to adore how they behave.

“But as that standardization of adoption of that abilities has attain about, it makes it easier for us to adore how to instrument, internet, analyze, and extra importantly, initiating to present change benchmarks,” Sayer outlined.

They enact this by averting using agents. With out reference to how you flee your application, whether in a VM or a container, Sumo is in a situation to scheme shut the suggestions and offer you suggestions which you can additionally otherwise beget wretchedness retrieving.

Disguise shot: Sumo Common sense (cropped)

The company has inbuilt native make stronger for Kubernetes and Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS). It also helps the open source tool Prometheus most in vogue by Kubernetes customers to extract metrics and metadata. The aim of the Sumo tool is to aid customers repair concerns faster and minimize downtime.

As they work with this abilities, they can initiating to adore norms and pass that records onto customers. “We can info them and give them simplest practices and techniques, now now not factual on what they’ve done, nonetheless how they overview to other customers on Sumo,” he said.

Sumo Common sense used to be founded in 2010 and has raised $230 million, in line with files on Crunchbase. Its most latest round used to be a $70 million Series F led by Sapphire Ventures final June.

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