The Agreeable British Hack-Off summer season festival hackathon will aim at Brexit


It’s very laborious to perceive what the outcomes of Brexit are “on the floor”. Local news now no longer has valuable of a industry mannequin to listen to to particular topics or campaigns. Social media is a mess of local facebook groups which easiest locals can look. MPs usually ignore email / on-line campaigns from constituents.

The Agreeable British Hack-Off targets to contend with this. In a 2-day intensive, overnight “hackathon” it targets to procure a groundswell of curiosity in serving to to enhance local communities and economies and connect of us with their option makers.

It may maybe well actually per chance maybe be held by Tech For UK (Twitter, Hashtag:#GBhackoff, Instagram,Fb) the tech industry body calling for a principal of us’s vote on Brexit, with the technique to Dwell, and anti-Brexit neighborhood Entirely For Britain .

Somebody can apply to support the match by this make.

The Agreeable British Hack-Off will set a request of to a vary of questions and expend a study to construct products to contend with the solutions.

Are local neighborhood projects, some beforehand funded by the EU, nonetheless going? Are they being replaced? What about local factories, corporations? What about health Services and products? Are local or central governments stepping in to support, or are of us’s concerns being neglected? Is European and other international funding ebbing away from local communities or is it being replaced? Are local news sources sharing what goes on?

What are the human stories? How can social media and video be inclined to suppose those stories greatest?

The Agreeable British Hack-Off will likely be a festival of tech and creativity to contend with these disorders.

Tech For UK says the final diagram will likely be to get rid of the tech neighborhood to support Entirely for Britain connect of us in local communities to the records they need on Brexit and, in turn, connect them to their option makers and MPs. Attendees to the Hackathon will even have the option to work on their very hang projects and ideas connected to Brexit.

Tech For UK says this will likely be the first match in a sequence, to be persevered at other cities across the UK, no longer good in London.

Structured love a “Hackathon” this will likely per chance maybe be held at a central London venue, bringing together engineers, designers, storytellers, entrepreneurs, files scientists, designers, artists, journalists / PR / media of us, analytics consultants and social media influencers to work on these complications.

Contributors will likely be chosen from functions and given plump instructions relating to the match.

They are saying there’ll likely be capability for a hundred and twenty of us and the chance to discontinuance over-night on the hackathon. Meals and beverages will likely be supplied.

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