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Elon Musk used to be talking in public again, this time at Leo Baeck Temple in Los Angeles’ posh Bel Air neighborhood. Quite quite a bit of the dialog, with Steve Davis of the Lifeless Company, regarded as if it may perchance perchance actually perchance perchance be aimed toward reassuring neighbors about the fully experimental tunnel. Sooner than the assembly, the LA Metro confirmed they have been working with the Lifeless Company on the test.

Musk has a imaginative and prescient of mass transit that has “pods” that transport up to 16 passengers at $1 per person. He said this at the assembly, too, but it absolutely’s also data that presentations up within the Lifeless Company’s FAQ, Tweets, and Instagram posts. “Soul-destroying traffic” is how Musk is planning to impress LA’s transportation machine, because it used to be repeated all the way in which during the presentation both aloud and on a scamper. The phrase also occurs internal the first 10 phrases of the FAQ. Beforehand, Musk has said that taking a pod will cost lower than a bus price; tonight the associated fee used to be pegged at $1. He again supplied free rides for somebody who desired to test his tunnel.

For those of us who’re now now not esteem passable to dwell wherever shut to Musk’s test tunnel, there used to be news too — about bricks, locomotives running with Tesla Mannequin three engines, and flamethrower offer.

In regards to the bricks

Bricks from Musk’s presentation

I’ve been covering this guy for years now and I focus on he may perchance perchance if truth be told be more inquisitive about his bricks than Mars? Anyway the deal is that part of what makes uninteresting very leisurely is that the dirt displaced by the tunnel must be eradicated. Musk’s bricks are made by compressing that dirt at excessive pressures, plus a minute little bit of concrete. “After which you may perchance perchance perchance have bricks which may perchance perchance be rated for California seismic hundreds,” Musk said.

He is inquisitive about selling the bricks, for “delight in 10 cents a brick or one thing delight in that,” he told the group. “And they’re actually huge bricks. You may perchance perchance perchance also, delight in, have houses with them and issues.” He prefers them to cinderblock, which is “tough and grainy;” Musk bricks are “extremely tender.” After which, Musk launches correct into a paen to the bricks, which he views as incomparable: “These are bricks which may perchance perchance be skill greater than any bricks I’ve ever considered at a building location.” They’d perchance perchance also also be, for cheap housing, “actually compelling.”

They’re also solid — with a PSI of 5,000, which doesn’t actually mean the relaxation to me personally, but is how one measures the compression strength of bricks. Musk said this used to be stronger than cinder blocks. Is it if truth be told? I don’t know, I’m a science reporter, now now not a cinder block educated. Are awaiting Masonry Journal. Musk also enthused about selling the bricks in existence-sized Lego kits, starting with a pyramid and the temple of Horus.

Basically the most bright Musk appears to be like to be somewhat much ever is when he is talking about money. The viewers is told 15 to twenty % of the fee of the tunnel is now not any doubt hunting down displaced muck, inserting it in trucks and sending it… someplace. Even if the bricks are given away, correct now now not having to pay for muck processing makes it cheaper. I wager Musk picks up pennies when he sees them on the flooring.

Toddler’s got a locomotive

Lifeless Company electric train
Lifeless Company electric train

Muck doing away with brings us to the trains, which are — shock! — one other cost-saving measure. I actually desire him to complete my taxes. “We made an electrical locomotive,” Musk says. “A battery-powered locomotive, to be valid.”

It’s utilizing batteries and engines from the Tesla Mannequin three. (There may perchance be a prolonged and complex saga about Mannequin three production, a pair of of it particularly referring to the batteries.) This moves 1 / four million pounds of dirt per load, Musk said. But there’s finest one; the diversified locations all train diesel engines, which are substandard for the fume-variety causes. “I roughly focus on we’re the first to train a battery-powered locomotive of that dimension,” he said.

Burn, toddler, burn!

The Lifeless Company will be delivering its flamethrowers starting in two weeks, Musk said. There have been “offer challenges,” he said — nobody likes shipping issues with propane, it turns out. The resolution is “custom offer to your individual home or enterprise, with a Lifeless Company van.” There used to be no discussion of cost-savings.

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