The Vivo Nex and its pop-up selfie camera are occurring sale in India and in other locations


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China is producing some inconceivable phones at the present, however they don’t regularly poke on sale exterior the country’s borders. As an example is the Vivo Nex, which launched final month with ultra-slim bezels, an in-tell their own praises fingerprint scanner, and an model-catching pop-up selfie camera. Successfully, it’s at final going to hit about a markets exterior of China, with Vivo asserting that it’ll be on sale in India, Russia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan later this month.

When exactly? Vivo doesn’t relate. And for how grand? Again, no answer. Nonetheless here is a flagship instrument, so customers shouldn’t demand anything else too low-worth.

The evident ask is will the Vivo Nex ever poke on sale in North The US or Western Europe? There’s no hint of that from Vivo, and it seems no longer seemingly provided that Vivo’s X21, a a little more cost-effective handset that’s been out since March, has most interesting been launched in the identical worldwide locations because the Nex. In case you if fact be told wished a Nex you would possibly additionally import one for certain, however you’ll secure no superior fortify from carriers or Vivo, and will must ascertain community compatibility. It will seemingly be price it for that selfie camera although.

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