This life like pinball machine is constructed solely of LEGO


I’ve spent a lawful chunk of my life piecing collectively hundreds of LEGO projects.. however even the craziest stuff I’ve constructed pales in comparability to this one. It’s a fully-functioning pinball machine constructed solely out of advantageous LEGO parts, from the barriers on the playfield, to the electronic brains backstage, to the steel ball itself.

Creator Bre Burns calls her masterpiece “Benny’s Set apart of residing Adventure”, theming the machine round LEGO’s traditional ‘lil blue apartment man. It’s made up of over 15,000 LEGO bricks, extra than one Mindstorms NXT brains working in unison, steel castor balls borrowed from a Mindstorms equipment, plus lights and motors repurposed from a bunch of different items. Bre at the origin situation out to construct the mission for exhibition at the Lego fan conference BrickCon in October of closing year, and it’s staunch grown and grown ever since.

Bre told the LEGO enthusiast situation Brothers Brick that she’s spent somewhere between 200 and 300 hours so a ways on this mission. Desire to know extra? They’ve received a top-notch breakdown of your entire mission appropriate over right here.

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