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Pillows haven’t basically changed great over the millenia. They’re gentle, squishy stuff you effect your head on. But conclude you know what pillows were missing? Sound. 

Be troubled no extra, for the $300 Flexound Humu solves this glaring omission. Completely funded on Indiegogo and anticipated to ship in September, it’ll allow you to doze off to the sounds of drum ‘n’ bass, grindcore, and roar rap vibrating thru your cranium.

Severely though, I stumbled on myself appreciating this musical pillow extra than I anticipated to. Though it works favorable with track, it in actuality shines with movies and video games. And no matter some qualms, it recurring blueprint addresses a profitable area of interest.

Namely, the Humu occupies a residence between headphones and speakers. For example, there are times after I don’t prefer the isolated, two-dimensional sound of headphones, nonetheless don’t have to bother my neighbors by blasting my speakers both. The Humu provides an open sound that largely stays inner your maintain deepest bubble.

But there’s one other recurring aspect to the Humu: tactility. Hardware designed particularly for  a tactile low-conclude capability that if you occur to’re looking at a film, bass in actuality rumbles. It provides a body-thumping journey it’s essential to’t in actuality accumulate from headphones – the bass resonates for the length of your total torso – with out worrying your neighbors or roommates the capability a extraordinary subwoofer would.

I’m furthermore happy to story that bass doesn’t sound love a wet fart (a severe peril for any product that claims to permit you to “in actuality feel” the track). Though there’s no easy capability to adjust the Humu’s bass output, I was comparatively stunned by how tasteful its tuning is. It undoubtedly no longer looked as if it would bloat the track even at some point soon of busy items, and I no longer assuredly came all the contrivance thru any distortion. The physical impact of the bass is merely there when it wants to be.

Tactility aside, the overall sound quality used to be a relaxing shock. The treble and midrange stay comparatively clear no matter your total fabric, and truth be told, I’ve heard extra bloated sound from headphones within the same mark fluctuate. It’s a ways from a neatly-behaved audiophile journey – it doesn’t even contain AAC or AptX to mitigate Bluetooth compression – nonetheless it’s a sexy decent sound output for something so squishy.

The Humu’s main acoustic asset is its soundstage. While it’s a shrimp of outlandish to contain sound technically coming from within the lend a hand of your head, it principally feels love the sound is around your head. It’s an enveloping sound that’s right for immersive bid material.

The rear positioning and tactile response capability I haven’t heard something else reasonably love it, nonetheless if I needed to describe the soundstage, it’d be someplace in between open-lend a hand headphones and approach-topic speakers. That makes it particularly treasured for gaming and movies, the effect the trivialities of acoustic resolution on the total don’t matter as great as a sense of immersion. That’s something the Humu is terribly ethical at.

By the capability, sound is greater thru the Aux port, nonetheless I agree with most of us gained’t prefer an extra cable protruding of their pillow. I dispute extra for the reason that Humu is restful a tool that wants to be charged. Eight hours of battery lifestyles is decent ample, nonetheless pondering about many Bluetooth headphones plot as much as fracture the 24-hour trace, I anticipated beefier performance.

Also, a pet peeve that I’m addressing to every procedure maker: please stop it with the micro USB ports. It’s incredibly worrying to contain to search out a separate charger neatly-behaved for my Bluetooth pillow. I do know USB-C is dearer to implement, nonetheless I’d pay extra neatly-behaved to total away with this inconvenience. I mean, it’s already a $300 pillow.

But my largest grievance about the Humu is something that could merely no longer even matter to many: the speaker is healthier monumental ample for one particular person to comfortably employ. I’m obvious that’s dazzling for a ways of the supposed audience, nonetheless it makes it much less versatile than I’d love.

Because my headphones are apt for track, I customarily saved the Humu for movies, video games, and TV – after I could perhaps in actuality like its soundstage. But most of of the time I check up on TV or Netflix, I’m doing so with my lady friend.

Sadly, the Humu is good a shrimp too shrimp for the both of us to employ for an prolonged timeframe. While it’s nearly the scale of a every day pillow, the ends (which maintain great of the speaker formula) are a shrimp too stiff to sit thru a total film.

Humu even has a press describe with two of us listening, nonetheless it’s no longer ideal.

Granted, the Humu does leak ample sound that somebody on a pillow next to you are going to completely hear every thing it’s essential to, nonetheless it’s a ways from ideal. I’d for my section be great extra inclined to take dangle of one if there were a extra cuddle-marvelous size option – even neatly-behaved about a inches extra would an extended capability. Or per chance the could perhaps be an approach to link up two Humus? I don’t know, nonetheless I neatly-behaved ended up utilizing my speakers most of the day out of practicality, as great as I love the premise.

But I don’t mean to total on a negative present, as that’s most fascinating relevant if you assuredly intend to piece the journey. For each person else: if the premise of relaxing for your mattress or couch and being thoroughly immersed in sound is fascinating to you, the Humu is effectively price a see.

Humu on Flexound

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