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A series of YouTube movies exhibiting a man sharp food hit the cyber internet this day.

No that’s no longer a droll memoir. It’s instant clips of a man sharp all kinds of food it’s possible you’ll presumably maybe be ready to imagine, and it’s essentially the most harmlessly weird and wonderful issues I’ve seen on YouTube for some time.

Wanna locate him sharp mayonnaise? Chocolate pudding? A lemon? Performed, completed, and completed.

The movies have been in the starting place uploaded to Ben Rosen’s YouTube channel, though he’s since made the Man Drinking Food channel specifically for these movies. Based solely on Rosen, the actual person in the video is named Eric, and he’s a trainer by day. Eric maintains concentrate on contact with the camera while he eats, and on the full offers a pleased nod after he’s shoveled his address into his mouth.

It’s all very harmless, nonetheless I unexcited feel as though I’ve stumbled upon the enviornment’s most healthful camshow.

Rosen posted the principle video to Reddit, and replied to requests from quite loads of users with appropriate movies. As but, he’s no longer given an cause in the support of these movies — though I’m no longer definite I even desire one.

Eric moreover eats (or tries to respect) a range of non-natural objects, in conjunction with a trash get and paper towels. It sounds as if Rosen and his edifying friend scheme the motorway at Tide pods, though, and…quite loads of issues.

Credit rating: Reddit

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