Video: Hövding wants to place cyclists that are too chilly for helmets


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One among the predominant things you heed about Amsterdam are the bikes. They’re in each put the arrangement: peppering the roads, overflowing from bike racks and, continually, clogging up the canals. For somebody who has grown up in the UK, it’s no longer simply the 881,000 bikes in the city that are pretty. It’s the truth no one wears helmets. The causes in the abet of this are multifaceted, but one company is asking to swap this.

The Hövding is an airbag-model bicycle helmet designed in Sweden that objectives to be unobtrusive, while providing appropriate protection in contrast with veteran equipment. The quiz is: enact the Dutch public care? We took the Hövding to the streets of Amsterdam to receive out.

Oh, and we position it off in a trampoline park, clearly. Look the full thing below.

Using the Hövding used to be a mosey. It used to be easy to connect on and used to be surprisingly entirely gratified for something that looks a bit of like a admire canine collar.

The skills interior it is far additionally reasonably chilly. The airbag is deployed when the accelerometer in the Hövding detects the form of trudge skilled in a motorbike shatter, something the corporate pumped time into tracking and trialling. Each and each Hövding additionally has a gloomy field in it, which the corporate analyses after every accident to augment the trip.

You would also gaze an instance of this in the video. We tried atmosphere it off with a jump to the side, but it definitely wasn’t till my physique used to be extra airborne that it in fact inflated. When this took arrangement, there used to be a sturdy, bitter, and gasoline-like smell from the tool and, in a ruin up second, my head used to be rigidly encased. It felt both impressive and excellent. And, to be magnificent, kinda freaky.


There are some obvious disorders with the Hövding and the final public picked up on them: label and re-employ. €299 is various money for a single employ merchandise, even supposing many insurers will quilt its rate for members that derive into an accident. Maybe for members that enact preserve a Hövding, stumping up for a bit of of insurance coverage isn’t the worst notion on the planet.

The truth that it wants to be charged to characteristic – which isn’t pretty whilst you set up in mind the tech interior – feels… unfamiliar. There’s something about having to payment a helmet that looks counter-intuitive, especially whilst you don’t in fact gaze it the utilization of the vitality.

We additionally comprise to study in mind the cultural attitude to helmets. Judging by the Dutch public’s reaction to the tool, it looks unlikely that the Hövding will comprise traction in worldwide locations with out a helmet behavior or strict biking guidelines.

So, who’s it for?

In general, somebody who in fact, in fact hates standard helmets, but restful wants to be excellent. The Hövding is unobtrusive, entirely gratified and, importantly, won’t mess up your dazzling bouffant while biking. And, you know, it’ll shield you reasonably grand too.

Myself? It used to be stress-free to make employ of, but I’m doubtlessly no longer going to shell out for one too quickly. It is chilly though.

Whereas you’ve been making an are attempting for a singular system to explore after your noggin, it is probably you’ll per chance also employ the Hövding right here.

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