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With legitimate athletics inevitably comes debauchery. That’s appropriate the design in which it is.

England soccer tale Paul Gascgoine notoriously had his fully performances after coke and brandy-fueled benders. Iconic baseball participant Wade Boggs reportedly downed 107 beers in a single day. Even the comparatively low-key world of gymnastics isn’t any stranger to controversy. Dutch gymnast Yuri van Gelder misplaced out on a distinguished opponents after snorting blow a few days beforehand and failing critical pills check.

I mention this because I’m in Berlin at the PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) World Invitational match. It’s fair a minute love the FIFA World Cup, nonetheless for folks who are unhumanly factual at this one particular video game.

Because of I’m a appropriate nosy bastard, I determined to let myself into the participant lounge. This tiny, whitewashed corner of the Mercedes-Benz Enviornment is the set teams relax between contests. I desired to leer how the fully PUBG avid gamers on the earth expend their time when they’re no longer chained to their Alienwares.

Whereas you were staring at for tables lined in cocaine residue and M&M’s bowls with the brown ones fastidiously extracted, prepare to be upset. The participant’s lounge was strangely healthful, and felt extra love a sixth-construct general room than a hangout for legitimate athletes of the twenty first century.

A composed status away from the madness

The participant lounge consisted of several circles of couches. For the length of my transient lumber-spherical, I realized that teams tended to stay collectively. That’s hardly ever exquisite, given the vastly world nature of this match, and the inevitable language barrier that follows.

PUBG’s World Invitational has teams from all across the world, including Europe, North America, South America, China, Japan, Thailand, Australia, and South Korea.

From strolling across the stadium, it’s obvious that nearly all of spectators flew from China and South Korea, the set PUBG is amazingly trendy.

Several tv monitors were dotted across the status, allowing avid gamers and their toughen crew to leer what was going down on the principle stage in valid-time.

Because of every and every staff shares the identical room, every participant gets their very like locker to retailer their valuables in. That’s handy for when they’ve received to head on stage!

Winner winner, (no) rooster dinner

So, let’s discuss about catering. Unsurprisingly, sugar and carbohydrates are the explain of the day here. By the lockers, there’s a jam of shelves packed to the rafters with self-aid candy, chocolate, and cereal bars.

One other table has extra healthful fare: pretzels, fruit, and truffles.

Whereas you wanted one thing heartier but, avid gamers can originate themselves some immediate ramen noodles. These got here in a bunch of varied flavors, and as I observed for the length of my temporary invasion of the lounge, were somewhat trendy.


As well to the snacks on provide, avid gamers might perchance presumably abet themselves to beverages from a pair of nicely-stocked fridges. These contained the conventional suspects: Coke, Sprite, and water.

Finest one drink was PUBG-branded: composed water. Bluehole, I actually don’t are searching for to explain you how to bustle your industry, nonetheless you’re missing an ideal branding opportunity here lads.

The fridge also got here stocked with Crimson Bull vitality drinks, and cans of milky oolong tea, which is a preferred beverage in East Asia.

Make no mistake, they’re sports execs

Despite the pretty low-key trappings of the participant lounge, it’s value remembering that each person who has flown here to compete is a suitable, bona-fide wearing legitimate.

Everyone competing trains for hours each day, till their reflexes are honed and lightning-quick. They occupy merchandise, and adoring fans who chant their title, and applaud when they accumulate a break, and groan when they gain knocked out. And with a $2,000,000 prize pool, the stakes couldn’t be bigger.

Whereas you’re no longer in Berlin, it is probably you’ll see PUBG’s World Invitational on Twitch here.

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